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Welcome to JM Residential Designs

JM Residential Designs provides complete design and drafting of large luxury homes to small starter homes.

Since 2003 JM Residential Designs has completed plans for over 5,500 projects in the desert southwest! JM has proven to be a top choice for Yuma County contractors and homeowners looking to build their dream home. On an average per year we complete quality construction documents for over 200 custom homes and over 100 remodels or additions.

I specialize in Yuma County but design all over Arizona and the desert southwest. My work is well known by local contractors and building departments in the Yuma area and my unique and detailed designs are sure to leave a lasting impression.

My 20+ years of experience in residential design has given me the ability to complete projects that exceed my client's expectations. Through well-developed drawings, I alleviate the stress caused by incomplete or inaccurate construction documents that can lead to multiple field revisions and costly change orders.

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JM Residential Designs provides design and drafting for custom homes, garage additions/ enclosures, carport additions, patio/ porch additions, sunroom additions, detached structures including storage sheds, guest houses, garages and gazebos to name a few.

At JM Residential Designs we can help create your existing house into a more spacious and livable home by designing room additions, patios, or remodels that will increase your square footage, livability and home value.

JM has a large team of affiliates to assist in any aspect from the design process to completion. We work closely with local engineers, architects, surveyors, contractors, realtors and local building departments.

Each project is personalized to meet your individual needs and we offer affordable and competitive pricing.

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Give me a call, text or e-mail me so we can set up a free consultation. We will discuss your proposed project and go over the design process, fees and time schedule. If we come to an agreement, we will set up our first meeting.


First meeting- every project is different and has its own process but for new custom homes we will fill out a checklist and sketch out some ideas and a rough layout for your new home. We will also discuss the option of using a stock plan to lower cost and speed up design process.


During the design process I will look up information for the property as in lot size, setbacks, zoning requirements, right of ways, topography, access to property, subdivision requirements and city or county ordinances

I will produce a preliminary floor plan, site plan and front elevation to go review and discuss to make sure we address all the items on your wishlist. We will make a couple design changes to make sure you are 100% satisfied.


After the final design is approved, I start working on the construction drawings. I will produce all the plans, details, sections and layouts required for a building permit.


I complete the full set of plans and I will meet with you again to review and make any minor adjustments to the locations of outlets, light fixtures or switches. I will make any changes necessary and provide hard copies for permitting.

My services don't stop there, I also...

  • Provide the construction plans in PDF format or future reference.
  • Assist you or any subcontractors with any questions there might be during the construction process and make a site visit if needed.
  • E-mail the files to local lumber stores, truss manufacturers and licensed contractors, so they can give you estimates on lumber, materials and labor.
  • Get the building permit application and paperwork required for submittal and I will submit to the building department for plan review in the event that you are out of town.
  • Revise any corrections the building department requires.

About JM

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JM Home Design Studio was created by Juan Mireles when he was 16 years old in 2002 while he attended Cibola High School in Yuma, AZ. In 2016 he changed the business name to JM Residential Designs L.L.C.

He was in Architectural Drafting his four years of high school and won several regional and state drafting competitions. He was the Drafting club President his senior year and Vice President his junior year and was running his home design business before and after school. In 2002 he designed and completed home plans for his first real project for Habitat for Humanity.

He started designing for friends and relatives and then connected with several builders in the Yuma area during the housing boom of 2004. While a senior in high school he already had a long list of clients that requested his designs and with the guidance of his drafting instructor he quickly adapted to the home design industry and in his first complete year designing full time he completed plans for over 140 projects.

Juan then spent long days and nights educating himself on building codes, CAD software efficiency and found his passion to provide quality and affordable home plans with quick turnarounds. His perseverance and dedication even in the housing market crash of 2008 has given him the privilege to have worked with over 120 contractors and as of 2022 has designed and completed plans for over 5,500 custom homes, additions and remodels.